Top 10 Esports Games for Betting in Singapore

Singapore’s dynamic gaming culture and burgeoning interest in esports have paved the way for an exhilarating fusion of competitive gaming and betting.

According to recent data from Statistica, Esports in Singapore is expected to receive a total revenue of $8 million by the end of 2023.

For enthusiasts seeking to engage in the best online casino in Singapore, specific titles have emerged as favourites, offering exciting opportunities and strategic gameplay. Knowing which games to bet on for new bettors provides more opportunities for profit and achieving long-term betting goals.

10 Top Esports Games for Betting in Singapore

Here are the top 10 esports games that are capturing the attention of bettors in Singapore as of 2023:

  1. League of Legends (LoL)

A pioneer in the esports scene, League of Legends remains a powerhouse for betting activity. Its team-based gameplay and strategic elements make for intense matches that keep bettors on the edge of their seats.

With a strong following in Singapore, LoL tournaments draw significant attention from local bettors.

  1. Dota 2

Dota 2’s complexity and ever-evolving meta provide a rich landscape for betting. The International, Dota 2’s premier championship, offers staggering prize pools and high-stakes matches.

Bettors in Singapore frequently predict outcomes and player performances, adding extra excitement to the game.

  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

The tactical gameplay of CS:GO translates well to betting, with various markets to explore. From match outcomes to individual player stats, bettors in the best online gambling site in Singapore find ample opportunities to leverage their knowledge of the game.

The competitive CS:GO scene ensures a consistent stream of engaging matches to bet on.

  1. Overwatch

Overwatch’s unique blend of first-person shooter and hero-based gameplay contributes to its popularity in betting.

With a growing competitive scene and international tournaments, Overwatch betting offers diverse opportunities for enthusiasts in Singapore to strategize and engage.

  1. Valorant

As a relatively new addition to the esports landscape, Valorant has quickly garnered attention from both players and bettors.

The game’s tactical gameplay and resemblance to CS:GO make it an intriguing choice for betting enthusiasts looking to explore fresh opportunities.

  1. FIFA Series

For fans of sports simulations, the FIFA series presents a unique avenue for esports betting.

Soccer enthusiasts in Singapore can bet on virtual matches that simulate real-world gameplay, combining their passion for sports with the thrill of betting.

  1. Call of Duty

With its fast-paced action and team dynamics, the Call of Duty franchise offers a dynamic backdrop for esports betting.

Various game modes and tournaments provide bettors in Singapore with diverse betting options.

  1. Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege’s emphasis on teamwork and strategy contributes to its appeal among both players and bettors. The game revolves around teams of operators, each with unique abilities, engaging in objective-based gameplay. Matches are played in a series of rounds, with teams alternating between offence and defence.

The game’s tactical depth lends itself well to predicting match outcomes and player performances. Betting on this game requires a blend of game knowledge, strategic thinking, and responsible betting practices.

  1. Hearthstone

For those interested in card games, Blizzard’s Hearthstone esports scene offers a unique dimension for betting. But just like most card games, it is essential to master the mechanics of playing Hearthstone before placing your bets.

The outcomes of card duels and strategic plays in Hearthstone can be a captivating betting experience. It is now gaining popularity thanks to Blizzard adding mobile to its available platforms to attract more players (and bettors).

  1. Rocket League

The fusion of soccer and vehicular mayhem in Rocket League has created an engaging esports title. It is a tactical shooter game popular for players looking for intricate gameplay and complex mechanics.

With its accessibility and fast-paced gameplay, Rocket League offers enjoyable betting opportunities for Singaporean enthusiasts.


The world of esports betting in Singapore offers options for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in thrilling matchups and strategic predictions.

As these top esports games continue to captivate audiences, betting adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing bettors to showcase their knowledge and intuition while enjoying the spectacle of competitive gaming.

Esports betting, no matter thrilling it can be, still requires discipline on the part of the bettor. One way to practice disciplined betting is by gaining helpful knowledge and preventing disinformation by knowing the most common myths about esports betting.

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