Different Types of Water Heaters: Multipoint vs. Single-Point

Bathroom heaters evolved and improved a lot over the years to cater to the changing needs of consumers more efficiently. 

Several variations and specifications of products are now available in the competitive shower heater price Philippines market. From single-point to multipoint water heaters, both serve their unique purposes depending on the demands of your household.

Are you in the market for the best water heater for your bathroom? Continue reading to discover which one suits your home better.

Ease of Installation

Because of the non-dependence on storage tanks for every water heater bathroom shower, only minimal efforts are required to install both properly. Compared to the traditional ones that rely on tanks demanding heavy labor due to bulky features and complex plumbing networks, tankless water tanks have the edge.

When it comes to Single-point water heaters, they are naturally easier to install as they only have to connect to one point of your home, compared to multipoint ones, as the name suggests, connect to several parts of your household.

Space Occupied

Traditional water heaters usually have hefty water tanks that take up too much space in your home. However, single-point and multipoint water heaters are compact as they require no storage tanks anymore, and water warms up in contact with the heating chambers.

The only difference between the portability of both types of water heaters is that multipoint water heaters can supply multiple points in the household despite their compact nature. In contrast, single-point heaters only provide one area. In addition, multipoint heaters naturally occupy more space as they expand to different points in your home. 


Although both types of water heaters for bathrooms differ, it doesn’t mean one is better. Choosing between the two is just a matter of what the condition of your household is demanding.

If you are looking to only install at a single point in your home, it would be unnecessary to purchase multipoint water heaters. Additionally, if you need water supply in several areas of your house, it is costlier and more impractical to install multiple single-point heaters.

Whatever type of water heater you are looking for, many reliable manufacturers offer a wide range of products. Identify which type of water heater suits your interest the best and use it for an informed decision.

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