Optimizing Job Costing with Construction Management Software

For decades, financial management has been essential to growing and scaling construction firms in Australia. Since contractors tackle multiple projects at once, having an efficient system to manage finances can give construction agencies a significant advantage over market competitors. This would allow business owners and managers to improve cash flow, which is crucial in finishing projects and keeping operations afloat.

Apart from the cash flow, another crucial toll in budget management is job costing, which refers to the overall cost needed for contractors to deliver or finish a project. This makes it easier for project managers to efficiently compare estimates from the actual expenses used in a project. Job costing is vital as the budget allocated for different tasks is usually categorized into three: overhead, labour, and materials.

The first stage of job costing is usually done by determining the scope of the job and the possible factors that might affect how the project will be done. After this, the managers will prepare the budget based on the abovementioned categories.

The labour budget is usually set aside for the worker’s salary and benefits. Meanwhile, the material costs are the funds paid to purchase raw materials that can be classified into direct and indirect expenses. Direct expenses are those products directly used to build a property, such as wood, steel, and concrete. On the other hand, indirect expenses are assigned to purchasing other things that would help during the construction, such as fasteners and safety equipment. The overhead budget is the money used for other things that might be needed for the project, such as taxes and insurance.

Although coming up with a budget might sound easy, most construction firms take much time to finish job costing. This is where investing in modern tools can come in handy for the contractors, allowing them to automate the process and save them time that can be used for other tasks. Having construction financial software will enable construction businesses to optimize job costing and have a convenient and easy-to-use tool to finish the job.

To learn more about how investing in construction management software can help optimize job costing, check this infographic by Bizprac. , the leading supplier of document management software in Australia.

Top 11 Cool Uses of NFC Tags

Top 11 Cool Uses of NFC Tags – Infographic

NFC tags are tiny microchips that can be embedded into different objects, such as NFC business cards. These tags can be customized with various graphics and can be used in applications that don’t require a smartphone application. Moreover, they don’t require a power source and can stay attached to objects for years.

An NFC tag consists of three basic components: the chip, antenna, and substrate. The chip is a small, low-powered microchip with memory and communication technology. The antenna is usually a thin wire coil. The tag’s substrate, which is usually a thin plastic sheet, holds everything together. The sticker tag itself will have an adhesive on one side.

The most basic NFC tag is called a type 1 tag. It is inexpensive, and can store 93 bytes to two kilobytes of data. While this is still less than a microSD card, it is still adequate for ticketing and access control. Some NFC tags also offer additional features, such as improved interference handling, tamper resistance, which are ideally used for custom NFC tags.

NFC tags are useful for automating home automation. They can be used to control smart devices around the house by holding them near NFC enabled smartphones. Guests can connect to the Wi-Fi network by scanning the NFC tag. Moreover, they can be programmed with any type of data. For example, an NFC-enabled poster can carry a URL, a picture, or a video. The smartphone can then read the information embedded in the poster. NFC stickers can control the phone’s mode. It can be used with writing applications, such as Trigger, to toggle between writing and phone mode. For other cool uses of NCF Tags, check out this content from NFC Tagify, one of the leading providers of such amazing technology.

Top 11 Cool Uses of NFC Tags