When Does the British Touring Car Championship Start?

When does the British Touring Car Championship start? This non-contact series is set to begin on July 30th and 31st next year. Hybrid technology will be used in the cars by 2022. The BTCC will debut a hybrid powertrain by the year 2022. The series is broadcast on ITV4.

BTCC starts on 30th & 31st July 2019

The BTCC starts on the 30th and 31st July 2019. The season’s final round is set to take place at Brands Hatch, with the drivers battling it out on fast sweeps around the Grand Prix loop. Similar to the opening race, the weather will be changeable, with rain and sunshine punctuating the action. Pole position went to Colin Turkington in race one, who is defending his title. Tyre choice was difficult with the changeable weather and the drivers scrambling to find a gap in traffic.

Despite the prevailing wet weather, the drivers will have to fight for their places. As a result, a race win will be crucial in determining the championship. With so much on the line, it’s essential to get your ticket to Silverstone in good time. With the BTCC heading north for the seventh round, there are some interesting changes to the grid. Josh Cook won pole position in race one, while Tom Ingram was disqualified for riding too high. In addition, Jac Constable fell ill overnight and has pulled out of driving duties.

It is a non-contact series

The British touring car championship is a non-stop action series that takes place in Britain. The cars used for the championship are generally non-contact, but there are some notable exceptions. This year, Subaru will enter the series. The company’s new car will be based on the same platform as the previous one. As a result, this car is expected to be extremely fast. Team BMR will be reintroducing its Focus into the series. The new team will also be joined by Sam Osborne, who will race alongside Ollie Jackson.

The British Touring Car Championship is one of the most popular racing series in the UK. It pits thirty equal saloon and hatchback cars against each other on the UK’s finest circuits. As with any other motorsports series, the British Touring Car Championship has a raging rivalry that’s both exciting and physically demanding. The BTCC is a great place for spectators to watch the sport’s most popular race, so make sure to catch a live broadcast of it if you can.

It will debut a hybrid powertrain in 2022

The BTCC is planning to introduce hybrid cars for the next few seasons. The TOCA hybrid system is the world’s most affordable motor sport hybrid powertrain. It is made from proven and readily available parts. It fits like a plug-and-play hybrid system into existing BTCC cars. It includes a gearbox-driven 60 volt electric motor, a battery system, and all necessary cabling and connectors.

The first of three tests was completed at Donington Park on April 1. The test marked the first official outing of the 2022 TOCA Hybrid system. The system was developed by Cosworth and distributed to all BTCC teams in recent weeks. The BTCC will run 30 races over eight race weekends in 2022. The 2022 season will open at Donington Park on 23/24 April.

It is broadcast on ITV4

For the third consecutive year, the British Touring Car Championship will be broadcast on ITV4 on Sunday nights. The television channel has secured a broadcasting deal with Toca for the championship, which will run through 2026. The broadcast deal is the longest in motorsport history, and the BTCC will be a highlight of Sunday evening television. Currently, the British Touring Car Championship is the only championship to be shown live on ITV, which reaches more than ninety percent of UK households. The series has a cumulative Global audience reach of 500 million viewers. The audience is overwhelmingly male – ninety per cent of viewers are men and three percent are women.

Since 2002, the BTCC has been aired on ITV4, and TOCA and ITV have enjoyed a close partnership. BTCC coverage is currently free on ITV4 HD, and viewers can catch all the action on these channels. Toca and ITV have partnered for many years and have a long-standing history. The new deal ensures that the British touring car championship will be available on free-to-air channels and on ITV4 HD.


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How to Choose an Online Casino in Singapore

Betting is a method of betting or wagering anything valuable, understanding the risk and expectation of obtaining a certain outcome of preferably a game, challenge, sports, or an unpredictable occurrence that may be decided by chance. When you gamble, you should be prepared to lose. It should also be included as an additional expense. Many people wager at some point in their lives, whether purchasing a lottery ticket, placing a bet on the horses at the best online casino in Singapore. However, whether or not you experience a wave from time to time, understand how gambling works to have real doubts about your chances of winning when you or someone you know bets.


There are many types of gambling; the first kind is chance-based, including lottery, roulette, bingo, and other gaming machines. The result is arbitrary in this case. As a result, nevertheless of whether you win or lose, you have no influence, and all players have an equal chance of winning. The next kind is skill-based betting, which includes horse racing, poker, and blackjack. Your capacity or ability may influence whether you win or lose in this situation. However, the talent does not indicate that you will be a definite winner since there can never be a guaranteed outcome. As a result, not all players have the same odds of winning.

Horse racing and football are just a few of the sporting activities for wagering at a casino or SG sportsbook. It is a kind of betting in which participants bet on the result of a sports event. Consequently, all money bet on the outcome of an event by a number of individuals will be distributed to one or more winners according to the many criteria specified in advance; this includes taxes, operation fees, and other varied charges.

If at this moment you are planning to gamble, the below infographic from Junebett66 discusses how to choose an online casino in Singapore.

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Common Causes And Symptoms Of Piston Ring Failures

The invention of diesel engines in the 1800s was a significant breakthrough in machinery manufacturing that we still use today. It is now used in machinery, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and other uses.


Because it has a higher fuel economy than gasoline, it is a huge help to these industries. Diesel engines require regular maintenance to ensure diesel power performance for long-term, heavy-duty uses like towing and long-distance travel. The piston rings are an essential part of a diesel engine.


Uses of Piston Rings

Piston rings are a part of the diesel piston system. They make the engine run smoothly. The compression ring seals the combustion chamber. It prevents fuel consumption and gas leakage. The second ring, the wiper ring, will prevent exhaust gas from getting into other piston parts. The last ring is the oil control, ensuring that the chamber walls are oil-free.


Piston Ring Failures

Piston rings undergo enormous pressure to ensure that the engine functions well. Here are some possible failures of piston rings.


Inaccurate Assemblies

A poorly assembled piston ring will fail to perform its intended function as with any equipment. Poor compression and poor installation are two reasons why piston rings fail to form correctly. You can see the damaged side of the call if you want to check it.


Oil Control Ring

If there is an unusual or appreciable amount of oil consumption within the oil control rings, you can expect damage; this is often due to damaged or low-quality rings.



It is usual for fuel contamination to be caused by soil quality and dirt particles. Regular maintenance is essential for car owners. Piston rings can wear down from continuous use.

Inadequate filtering can cause dirt to combine with gas, interrupting the combustion chamber decreasing the rings’ lifespan.

Knowing more about piston rings can help car owners better care for their diesel engines. Let this infographic by Pure Power Diesel help you learn more.


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The Beauty of Gem Jewellery

The beauty of gems has fascinated man since the dawn of civilization. They are precious and durable, so you can wear them for many years without losing their shine. The hardest gemstones are sapphire and ruby, and they are also the most durable, but you must choose your mounting wisely. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, consider emeralds or opal.

Gemstones are made from minerals, so they have different refractive indexes. Their specific gravity is relatively low, making them perfect for setting in personalised jewellery. They are also hard, and they can easily be cut, polished, and set. Their properties also allow them to exhibit unique absorption spectrums and other characteristics that make them special. Their inclusions and colour can also be a source of inspiration for designers.

The beauty of gemstones varies considerably. Most gemstones have limited beauty in their rough state. They are just ordinary rocks, but after polishing, they can have full colour and brilliance. It is also important to remember that gems are natural and formed without any human intervention. They are formed from a variety of chemical compounds and environmental conditions. Once they are polished or cut, they are then polished. This process helps them to achieve their full beauty.

The colour of gemstones varies dramatically. Some gems are very attractive, while others are not. Blue, green, and pink are popular choices for jewellers. A few of these stones are inexpensive and can still be very beautiful. However, not all gem enthusiasts choose beautiful gemstones. They must remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A few of these gemstones are not particularly aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

A gem can be found in almost any colour on the spectrum. You can buy sapphires, emeralds, and garnets for the best price. You can also find less expensive gemstones such as aquamarine, turquoise, and opal. But no matter what, you should be looking for value. The brighter the colour, the better. You can also look for other colours, but the more expensive the gem, the more unique it will be.

Aside from their beauty, gemstones can offer insight into past environments and plate tectonics. These characteristics make gemstones an ideal investment. They can be passed down from generation to generation and hold their value. This is why they are so beautiful. And they can even tell you a lot about yourself. You’ll be surprised by the incredible range of choices available to you! And remember, it’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

The most important thing to consider when buying gemstones is how the stones are cut. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a cut that allows the gem to reflect light. A shallow cut will allow more light to pass through the gem, while a deep cut will allow more light to be reflected. A deep-cut gemstone will have a higher contrast than a shallow one, and a deep cut will make it look much more vibrant.

Don’t guess and check out the infographic below, created by Charming Jewellery.

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The Bad Effects of Cold on your Car

The first invention of the automobile emerged in 1886. Thanks to the motivated and determined Karl Benz, he successfully invented the three-wheeled motor car, also recognized as Motorwagen. Thenceforth its creation, multiple inventors made a version of their idea and style, leading to mass automotive production and increasing its popularity.

The beneficial factor that an individual can retrieve from a vehicle is making transportation effortless. That thirty-minute walk to the mall is already a five to ten-minute drive; that one-hour travel time towards the hospital turns into a ten to twenty-minute ride. In summary, it decreases the travel time into a much convenient one.

However, an automobile is similar to a person’s body. It requires proper upkeep to maintain and utilize it to its maximum potential. Such machinery also needs the right equipment at the precise season.

One of a vehicle’s necessities is the installment of a car window tinting Tampa, FL. Such material is significant because it can block the hazardous UV rays that can cause fading of upholstery, engine overheating, and harm the driver and the passengers inside.

Therefore, car owner should extend their efforts knowing both the advantages and disadvantages to be aware of how they will take care of their belonging.

Several people know that the summer season is the number one cause of engine overheating and, often, the stimulator of its combustion. Most car owners are unaccustomed to the multiple effects that icy weather brings.

Want to be heedful of the destructive effects of cold on your vehicle?

Read the infographic below generated by one of the many well-known window tinting Tampa, FL companies, KEPLER Window Films and Coatings:

How to Spot a Bad Window Tinting Job

Every customer wants to get their money’s worth. After getting a window tinting job in Texas, it is important to check the output to see whether the service was what you expected. Here are some of the signs of a bad window tinting job.

One of the common window tint issues is cheap tinting. Low-quality films do not last long and are not very effective in blocking infrared light. You can spot cheap tinting when after a few days or weeks, there are already peeling. Cheap tints are ineffective, so you’ll still feel the intense heat on sunny days and see extreme glare.

Another telltale sign is the formation of air bubbles. Bubbles in the windows can be very distracting and unattractive. Either these are caused by cheap tinting or poor installation skills. Professional installation will reflect in detail and quality of the film.

Tinting works that also have visible gaps on the edges is also an indication of below-par work skills. Ideally, the tint should fit the window or be close to the edge, so there are no visible lines. Achieving this entails expertise and appropriate tools.

A good window tinting in Dallas TX company is one that knows how to avoid these mistakes. Their outputs would show films that are firmly affixed to the defroster bars to attain very clean edges. They would also use high-quality tint films that are more durable and effective at blocking heat and UV rays.

Many service providers of window tinting in San Antonio TX would promise to deliver these ideal qualities. That is why consumers must thoroughly evaluate recommendations and past reviews to avoid falling for false marketing.

By learning about the hints to bad window tinting jobs, you understand what to look for that will suit your money is worth. Read more about how to spot a bad tinting work with an infographic from Kepler.