Betting on Auto Racing Events – Infographic

Auto racing is a thrilling sport that goes hand in hand with betting. Since the 1800s, auto racing has been the favourite event of car enthusiasts in live Singapore Pools  . It provides fascinating experiences and entertainment for spectators and platforms to generate money.

While many gamblers participate in this industry, auto racing differs from online casino games and other sports, like tennis, horse racing, and football. Thus, it is essential to understand its betting options, mechanics, and strategies before partaking in auto racing events.

Types of Auto Racing Bets

Race Winner

Race Winner is the most popular bet type among auto bettors. The only thing you need is to bet on the winning driver. You win if the driver you bet on can finish the race first. It is better to pick those drivers with lower odds as it gets higher in the long run.


Apart from the race winner, many gamblers also prefer this bet. The odds of this bet differ from each race and comparatively more than the Formula one (F1) odds. In this bet, the odds indicate the winning stakes.

Podium Finish

This bet is straightforward to learn. It would help if you predicted those drivers who can become the top three podium winners. If your chosen driver is placed within the top 3 winners, you win.

Apart from these, you can also explore the different prop bets, including:

  • Flag bets;
  • Fastest Lap;
  • First Race Retirement;
  • Favourite versus Field; and
  • Winning Constructor

What are Constructors in Auto Racing?

Constructors are professionals, companies, or entities responsible for developing, upgrading, and constructing cars for racing events. For instance, in Formula 1, every constructor is represented by a team and two drivers. They will compete in Grand Prix events to acquire World Championship points. Read this article to know the possible winning constructors in 2023.

F1 2023: Which Constructors Can Win the Championship?

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