The Benefits of an Online STI Test

Online STI Test

Are you considering having an STI test? You should consider an online STI test if the idea of visiting a hospital near you to get tested leaves you feeling anxious. Online sexually transmitted infection testing removes some of the barriers that prevent individuals from getting tested while still providing key information about health and wellness.

Talking about sexual activity with health care providers and fearing judgement and discrimination are some of the barriers that have kept people from getting tested previously. These barriers are more commonly reported by users who go to clinics for testing than those who use online services, meaning that online service is filling an unmet need for some people.

Rod Knight, who is an assistant professor in the UBC department of medicine, conducted interviews with bisexual, gay and other men who have sex with men to learn more about their experience with the service. From the interviews, Rod Knight gathered that this group often faces stigma in healthcare settings which can deter them from getting the HIV and other STI tests that they need. They reported very positive experiences when it comes to an online STI test since they weren’t required to see a clinician and discuss their sexual activity in order to get tested. The interviewees also pointed out that the online service gave them more autonomy throughout the testing process.

Most people find the online service to be more flexible, more convenient and they like the enhanced privacy. They feel more comfortable doing their own swabs and like the fact that they have more control over how the testing occurs. This means that online STI tests can lead to more people being tested, something that can in turn help curb the spread of these STIs.

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