Cases Where A Fit To Travel Certificate Is Necessary

Fit To Travel Certificate

There are so many occasions where a passenger is unfit to travel either by vehicle, air, or travel by sea. For example, a passenger who usually needs constant health monitoring is unfit to travel by sea. Sometimes, it is not just for the benefits of the passenger who needs healthcare, sometimes it’s also for the wellness of other passengers. Different travel companies have a varied range of policies, conditions, and requirements pertaining to fit to travel certificate. These conditions and regulations are greatly aimed at eradicating emergency cases during travel.

The most common instance where a passenger will need a fit to travel certificate is in regards to who frequently or has once suffered from a heart attack. In most cases, heart attacks are fatal and can easily lead to the death of an individual. When such a case happens on a public vehicle or during a flight it might lead to panic and stress of the other passengers on board. As such, patients who have suffered from a heart attack before or are prone to heart attacks need to get clearance from health care professionals to vouch for their fitness to travel.

Another case where a passenger will need a fit to travel certificate is an expectant mother who is 28 weeks pregnant. Premature births are common among expectant mothers. They are easily induced by stress both physical and mental. Traveling has lots of stress both physical and mental hence expectant mothers at 28 weeks pregnant are susceptible to premature labor.

The last case where a fit to travel certificate is necessary is in regards to an individual who has undergone surgery recently. Conditions pertaining to this condition usually vary in accordance with the type of surgery and the severity of the injury.

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