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Turbocharger Vs. Supercharger: What’s the Difference?

The first patent for a turbocharged engine back in the 1900s was made by a Swiss mechanical engineer named Alfred Büchi. His turbocharger made him known in the forced induction field.  The first applications of turbocharger were limited to massive engines until turbocharging was equipped with trucks, beginning the introduction of turbocharging in the automotive industry.

In the 1990s, the first powered passenger cars were the Chevrolet Corvair Monza and the Oldsmobile Jetfire. When the turbocharger was equipped in a mass-market automobile in the same year, turbo technology quickly disappeared in the market due to the high price, impracticality, and complexity of the turbo.

Since then, turbo technology had undergone reinventions and improvement until it became prevalent in the 1970s when turbochargers were introduced into motorsports and Formula One cars.

Today, car manufacturers offer vehicles equipped with the turbo engine as sports and luxury car owners demand a technology that will boost their engine’s performance. Additionally, turbo technology has specific improvements that are no longer only for performance cars; even sedans are now equipped with a turbocharged engine.

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A turbo works through forced induction the same way that a supercharger function. Forced induction forces more air into the engine, allowing it to run more efficiently and make more power. People quickly get confused when it comes to automobile parts and may sometimes regard them as the same. However, their main difference lies with how each is powered.

Turbochargers are powered by the mass-flow of exhaust gasses driving a turbine while superchargers are powered mechanically by belt-or-chain drive from the engine’s crankshaft.

It is essential to know their difference to determine which one is better for a vehicle.

To learn more about the difference between turbocharger and supercharger, click this infographic from Pure Diesel Power.

Tips For Purchasing A Kitchen Cabinet Corona

kitchen cabinet Corona

Are you looking for the right kitchen cabinet Corona to purchase? It is imperative that you look for a cabinet of high quality if you want to get the best value for money. A cabinet of high quality should provide storage that is easy to use, should be functional, and should look stunning in your kitchen. A quality cabinet should be able to serve you for about 20 to 30 years without letting you down.

To be able to purchase a kitchen cabinet that will give you value for money, there are various things you need to look for. One of them is all-plywood construction. Typically, kitchen cabinets are built using either plywood or particleboard. The strongest of the cabinets usually have backs and sides that are made of full plywood. This construction helps them stay square during both delivery and installation, avert moisture damage and sustain the weight of heavy countertops. Particleboard cabinets may be cheaper, but there problem is that they are very vulnerable to crushing as well as moisture damage. Moreover, it is a quite difficult to repair any blow-outs at screws and joints in the particleboard cabinets.

Another important characteristic that you should look for when choosing a kitchen cabinet Corona to purchase is full height back panels. How the cabinet backs are constructed influences the ease of installation as well as strength. Kitchen cabinets that are very strong have heavy full back panels made of full plywood. Methods that are cheaper usually feature picture-frame construction, brackets, rails and metal hang rails or thin panels. If you purchase a kitchen cabinet that has a weak back panel, it might result into falling cabinets. So make sure that you purchase cabinets that feature plywood construction if you do not want to be disappointed.

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